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Rock'em Sock'em Robots Game

Cool Things To Buy - Rock'em Sock'em Robots Game

- The classic game from 1966 in which the battling robots try to knock each other's blocks off

- Red Rocker and Blue Bomber battle it out in the arena, with realistic sounds and jaw-jolting action

- When a robot lands that blockbuster punch to his opponent's jaw, the defeated robot's head pops up with that Rock 'Em Sock 'Em gotcha sound

- Complete with robots and stadium

- A classic game fun for all





Whamo Snow Trac Ball

Cool Things To Buy - Whamo Snow Trac Ball

- Launch Snowballs up to 150 feet

- Built in Show Ball Maker

- Ergonomic Design

- Shovel Scoop





Air & Water Power Set

(You Gota Watch the Demo Video)

Cool Things To Buy - Air & Water Power Kit

- Build your own models powered by air & water pressure

- Pneumatic hydraulic engines

- Construct 15 models

- Kit comes with everything you need





Super High Performance Stomp Rockets

Cool Things To Buy - Stomp Rockets

- The original Stomp Rocket that started the stomp revolution

- Take this to the park or beach and watch how many children and adults you get wanting to play

- Comes with 6 rockets and 6 flame stickers to put on

- Refill rockets available

- Schools use all of our stomp rockets to teach distance, trajectory, force, motion etc...





Punching Bag & Glove Set

(for children)

Cool Things To Buy - Punching Bag & Glove Set

- KaPow toy boxing gloves and bag set

- Includes red vinyl padded gloves

- Also comes with black and red foam filled punching bag

- Bag measures 18" tall and includes rope to hang

- Ages 7 and up





Snow/Sand Block Mold

Cool Things To Buy - Snow-Sand Block Mold

- Snow block maker for making snow/sand cubes

- Ideal for constructing igloos and forts

- Lightweight and durable for easy transport

- Recommended for ages 4 and older





Sphere Rings

Cool Things To Buy - Sphere Rings

- Expands from 9.5" to 30"

- No assembly required

- Includes 21 Cool Things To Do game sheet

- Includes a pully that can be attached to the ceiling allowing you to open and close your sphere.

- Great conversation piece






Cool Things To Buy - Air Zooka with Laser

Cool Things To Buy - Air Zooka with Laser

- New built in laser sight

- Blasts a harmless ball of air over 50'

- Point at any object or person and blow them away

- Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included)






Cool Things To Buy - Gyroscope

- Includes 1 Gyroscope - Classic educational toy!

- Spin it on the stand or even your finger!

- Complete instructions, pedestal and string included






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Cool Things To Buy

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