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Nifty Fruit Rack

Cool Things To Buy - Nifty Fruit Rack

- Gravity-fed fruit dispenser

- Minimal contact points for even ripening

- Elegant chrome finish

- Efficiently organizes your refrigerator

- Dimensions 17-inch by 11-inch by 4-inch





Measuring Cup Scale

Cool Things To Buy - Measuring Cup Scale

- Digital Weight Measuring: Intelligent Weighing Presets for 5 Food Types: Water, Milk, Flour, Sugar, Oil

- Digital Temperature Measuring: Fahrenheit and Celsius

- Digital Count Down: 30 Minute Countdown

  • LCD Display- Measuring Cup Detaches for Easy Cleaning





The GripStic
These are AWESOME to Have!
Cool Things To Buy - The GripStic

- 1 Package of 3 Assorted sizes

(1) 5" (1) 7.25" (1) 8.75"

- Reusable bag clips come in assorted lengths to seal the most popular sizes of bags.

- Protects food from air and moisture to ensure a longer shelf life.

- Freezer and dishwasher safe.





Drawer Divider

Cool Things To Buy - Drawer Divider

- Separate and store kitchen tools and utensils safely and neatly; wipe clean with a damp cloth

- Expandable, spring-loaded plastic drawer organizer to hold various utensils and up to 11 knives

- Fits any kitchen drawer

- Features non-skid pads for secure fit

- Drawer customization without the price tag of professionally customized drawers





Alphabet Cake Pan 

Cool Things To Buy - Alphabet Cake Pan
- Moveable square blocks that allow you to change the shape of the interior of you cake pan and make any letter or number




Lobster Claw Oven Mitt

Cool Things To Buy - Lobster Claw Oven Mitt

- Oven mitt with super fun lobster claw design

- Made of quilted cotton

- Measures 10.5-inches long




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Cool Things To Buy

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