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High Power Spanx

- Helps Women Look Better

- Smoothes and slims entire waistline

- Comfortable waistband stays in place

- Higher Power has no leg band and the legs don't ride up or cause bulging on your thighs

- Cotton double gusset opens to make life easier when Mother Nature Calls





Trendy Top Ultimate Layering Accessory (2 Pack)

- Layer your look without the bulk!

- Covers your waist, belly and rear view!

- Includes 2 Trendy Tops

-  1  Midnight Black and 1 Pure White.





Winter Fleece, Seamless,

Plus Full Leggings

- One size fits MOST (See description for sizing)

- Different thickness available

Thin, Regular, and Thick (Fleece-line)

- Perfect to wear under short shorts or a skirt

- Thin & Regular are Great for layering

- Thick legging great for winter wear

- Leggings stretch to fit





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Cool Things To Buy

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