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10,000mah (Solar or Wall Charged)
Mobile Power Bank

at last check ONLY $29.99

- Charge your mobile phone, Android, iPod, MP3 player, GPS and more, using just sunlight and built in 10000mAh Li-ion polymer battery!

- The Solar Charge is a compact and lightweight solar charger designed for people on the move.

- Also can be charged using wall AC adapter and USB port of your computer.

- Using advanced solar cell and Li-ion battery technologies the Solar Charge will charge it self in all daylight conditions and will store power for times when you need as a backup power source.

- Simply connect using one of the adaptor tips provided or by using the sync cable originally supplied with your device for instant power!





Lounge Chair Organizer

Cool Things To Buy - Lounge Chair Organizer

- Conveniently organizers all your items.

- Washable Turquoise Terry Cloth.

- Storage pockets on both sides, five in all.

- Keeps everything organized and within reach.

- Holds your cell phone, Ipod, sunglasses, books, Kindle and more.




Flying Alarm Clock

Cool Things To Buy - Flying Alarm Clock

- Digital alarm clock makes you get out of bed to retrieve propeller to turn off alarm.

- Hilarious alarm clock is perfect for those who have trouble getting up in the morning

- Features include bright blue easy-to-read LCD with backlight, count-down and count-up timer, and yes, a snooze function

- Requires 4AA batteries, not included





Color Changing Light Bulb with Remote

Cool Things To Buy - Changing Light Bulb

- Long lamp life as compared to standard incandescent bulbs - 51,000 Hour Lifespan (Longer than most TV sets)

- Low wattage; save energy, the environment, and also save money on electric bill - Only 3 Watts

- Fixed colors include four primaries; White, Red, Green, Blue, and 12 bright color hues- 16 TOTAL






Plasma Ball

Cool Things To Buy - Plasma Ball

- Touch it with your hand and the light beams follow your fingers

- Great color effect. Perfect item for car or home decoration

- Stick it at anywhere inside your car to create a special interior lighting environment

- USB Powered Only, AC with use of adapter (Not included), Not battery operated

- Bulb Diameter: Approx 3 inch. On and Off switch





Temperature Controlled Faucet Light

Cool Things To Buy - Temperature Controlled Faucet Light

- New and Improved!

- Red Light = Hot Water

- Blue Light = Cold Water

- Changes color based on the temperature of the water flow

- Ideal for the kid's bathroom





Temperature Controlled LED Shower Head

Cool Things To Buy - Temperature Controlled LED Shower Head

- 7 Color Changing LED Shower Head Automatic Control Sprinkler

- No batteries and external power supply, it will illuminate after water flows down.

- Automatic light switching





Liquid Drop Desk Toy

Cool Things To Buy - Liquid Drop Desk Toy

- 4 and 3/4 inches tall

- Takes approximately 4 minutes for the liquid to travel through

- Contains non-toxic solvents and oils. Non flammable.





Fiber Optic Light Show

Cool Things To Buy - Fiber Optic Light Show

- This light is great for parties or as a night light

- Beautiful way to create accent lighting at night

- Fibers fan out and change colors

- Fiber optic lamp





Prescription / Pill Bottle Beer Drink Kooler

Cool Things To Buy - Pill bottle Beer Koozie

- Pill Bottle shaped drink kooler/koozie

- Made of foam

- Keeps the beer cold

- Makes a Great Fun Gag Gift

- Great for parties





Clap ON Clap OFF


Cool Things To Buy - The Clapper

- Turn on household devices with the clap of your hands

- Plugs into standard light sockets

- Works with lamps and other devices

- Can be used in tandem with a second clapper for turning on multiple devices





8' Hula Thatched Tiki Umbrella

- 16 fiberglass ribs provide enhanced durability and extended protection from harmful elements

- Teflon coated weather proof polyester cover with vented canopy for better air release

- Featured plastic raffia covered top for a real Hawaiian feel plus carry bag for easy transporting and storage

- Extra large 8' diameter aluminum pole solid dark brown color powder coating, UPF 50+ Excellent UV blocking protection




Mini 6-can Coca Cola Fridge




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Cool Things To Buy

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