Kitchen Essentials Scissors


  • Sharp Stainless-steel blades chop everything in no time
  • Sharp blades, still safe to use, thanks to soft TPR handles
  • One scissor has 4 blades, crushes herbs in tiny pieces in no time
  • Chops everything: Spaghetti, noodles, cheese, & greens
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The Kitchen Essentials Scissors feature stainless steel and silicone rubber, soft-grip handles, making these kitchen scissors efficient and easy to use! They’re time saving and hassle free! Cutting your herbs has never been faster or easier and your fingers are safe at all times. These 5 BladeHerb Scissors cut through the competition (and your herbs) five times more quickly! The high-quality, stainless steel blades are great for use on scallions, lettuce, ham, mushrooms and other food preparation needs!

A Quicker Way To Garnish

Slice scallions, cut cilantro and turn leafy romaine into delicate ribbons with these herb scissors. Five, sharp, stainless steel blades snip in tandem to chop herbs with the precision and efficiency of a professional chef! The scissors allow you to snip your garnish directly over your dish, eliminating the time and hassle of knives and cutting boards.

Easy On the Hands

The large, rubberized handles provide a comfortable grip, relieving stress on the wrist and fingers as you cut.

Multifunctional Cleaning Cover

To remove stuck-on herbs, simply slide the included cover’s slatted end between the scissor’s blades. This makes it easy to clean the scissors without putting your fingers at risk around its sharp edges.

  • Enjoy healthy meals: Snip or chop herbs directly into your dish and save yourself the hassle of crushing and bruising delicate herbs with a knife.
  • Culinary utopia: These sharp, heavy-duty scissors cut up herbs and spices such as green onions, parsley, etc. quickly and efficiently.
  • High-quality materials: Scissors are made of stainless steel and feature a soft, TPR interior handle. Cleaning comb cover, cleans blades and also protects them while in storage.

103 reviews for Kitchen Essentials Scissors

  1. N***v (verified owner)

    Very good product for this many. Recommend this seller and this product

  2. L***e (verified owner)

    It is small compared to the picture.

  3. A***a (verified owner)

    Come quickly. The description is accurate, only I thought that the blades would be more authentic, but also nothing. Recommend.

  4. M***k (verified owner)

    I didn’t realize they were small scissors. maybe a little too small but they are cool. it cuts small amounts because it cannot be squeezed hard. I paid china ait mail and it arrived to me in 36 days

  5. O***h (verified owner)

    Sharp enough for the job and easy to use

  6. A***a (verified owner)

    Scissors are good and quickly come, but they turned out to be smaller than standard scissors

  7. k***k (verified owner)

    Super. For this czekałam. Pretty long szło.

  8. M***l (verified owner)

    The castle came through three types, all kind, the Papir is open to good, mabut will wake up the kindness of rizati and cherv ‘yakhok.

  9. M***s (verified owner)

    Same as the gito. I find it a little small for the kitchen, but it’s very good. Thanks to the seller for fast shipping to Spain.

  10. W***n (verified owner)

  11. C***l (verified owner)

    According to the description correct delivery

  12. A***v (verified owner)

    Onions cut itself, and if the nails on the fingers-then at a time you can cut everything…

  13. D***e (verified owner)

    Thank you received, very small.

  14. f***r (verified owner)

    I like it

  15. P***e (verified owner)

    Not received yet dispute

  16. CoolThingsToBuy Shopper (verified owner)

  17. F***n (verified owner)

    It’s hilareous to see how small these scissors are in real life, my hands are not big at all, for European standaards, but take a look at the photo and see for yourself. Is this a bad joke?
    From another seller, i ordered some toe-nail scissors and those where alsof tiny. Maybe i can ask a baby to do the job, because baby fingers will maybe just fit???

  18. O***y (verified owner)

  19. M***s (verified owner)

    It took a long time but it came, I like it, very useful

  20. g***r (verified owner)

    Sharp cut well but small

  21. A***v (verified owner)

    The goods came quickly, the quality is normal, nothing broken, does not hang out!

  22. A***o (verified owner)

    Smaller than you see in the photo

  23. CoolThingsToBuy Shopper (verified owner)

    Even when she’s small, you can work with her and it doesn’t hurt. I loved it. I highly recommend the seller. A thousand thanks.

  24. r***v (verified owner)

    Advertising scissors are larger than the ones they send

  25. Y***r (verified owner)

    Slightly small, cut well

  26. D***d (verified owner)

    very very small

  27. I***v (verified owner)

    Small, but it is possible to work, cut the greens-Super.
    Or grind for kids

  28. E***t (verified owner)

  29. s***n (verified owner)

    Less than 1 month to Spain. Smaller than in the picture. Not tested yet.

  30. I***y (verified owner)

    Good Goods, original gift

  31. CoolThingsToBuy Shopper (verified owner)

    34 days shipping time to Lebanon which is relatively fast. I gave 4 stars because of 2 problems, the scissors is much smaller than expected and impossible to use in the kitchen except for very very small herbs, also very very difficult to clean and not made of stainless steel.
    See pictures for exact size (Each grid square is 1cm)
    Good Seller Good Communication but the product is doubtful

  32. U***f (verified owner)

    This item is small, didn’t expect this small size. Would not have ordered if I had known the size was small compared to normal size cutter as shown

  33. Y***a (verified owner)

    Very useful thing, paper is also cut. Slightly smaller than thought. Not super sharp, but cut well. The order is very satisfied, thank you to the seller!!!

  34. O***v (verified owner)

    Less than they seem in the photo.

  35. I***M (verified owner)

  36. D***k (verified owner)


  37. N***a (verified owner)

    Went 1 month to St. Petersburg. They turned out to be small compared to conventional kitchen scissors. Let’s see how it works later. Paper is cut.

  38. CoolThingsToBuy Shopper (verified owner)

  39. s***n (verified owner)

    Think more in this little Daisy home privacy digging. As a terrific.

  40. K***a (verified owner)

  41. CoolThingsToBuy Shopper (verified owner)

    Than the image is so small… ㅠ.ㅠ

  42. K***e (verified owner)

  43. K***e (verified owner)

  44. CoolThingsToBuy Shopper (verified owner)

    Scissors turned out to be very small, cutting part only 40mm! On the site, unfortunately, the size is not indicated.

  45. A***u (verified owner)

    Minus 2 stars for the fact that the seller did not specify the exact dimensions of the cutting edge. Scissors are excellent, but for children’s needlework.
    The photo in the description is misleading that the scissors are large enough.
    In the photo for comparison, the lighter cricket.

  46. R***C (verified owner)

    All super fast delivery product looks durable

  47. U***a (verified owner)

    Came quickly, weeks 2/2,5 at the Ukr. Pochta. They cut very well even perfectly. Now this is not a substitute thing. I did not communicate with the seller. I recommend.))) size with hand, plastic ears, good in appearance and touch.

  48. K***a (verified owner)

    Cute scissors, малюсенькие, centimeters 10-15 you are total. But, cut well

  49. I***o (verified owner)

    Very comfortable scissors for Greens, in salad of course you will not cut (only small bundles) but so in soup or porridge in a plate with soup or porridge powder on top, very convenient, you don’t need to get your right hand and knife dirty. So my kids started eating greens in all the hot dishes and sandwiches

  50. a***v (verified owner)

    Scissors came in. Refused less than expected, but quite workable.

  51. E***r (verified owner)


  52. K*** (verified owner)

    Good ones. Let’s see how they will cut

  53. CoolThingsToBuy Shopper (verified owner)

  54. R***a (verified owner)

    Îs really small…

  55. M***r (verified owner)

  56. CoolThingsToBuy Shopper (verified owner)

    Scissors are small, I thought that there would be more. To Moscow, the order took 3 weeks.

  57. CoolThingsToBuy Shopper (verified owner)

    I recommend the seller. The product is quite functional even when it is small. He arrived in a short time. A thousand thanks.

  58. M***s (verified owner)


  59. J*** (verified owner)

  60. M***s (verified owner)

    I liked it, very functional, I bought it for my craft activities

  61. F***o (verified owner)

    It came fast just like the description I recommend to the seller

  62. M***y (verified owner)

    The order came in 3 weeks. Tracked to the Post Office. Packed in pupyrku. Description matches. Good scissors, quality. Thank you for the fast delivery. I recommend the goods and the seller.

  63. D***k (verified owner)

    All super seller recommend came in time…

  64. Y***v (verified owner)

    Took for fishing. Minsk reached a month. Quality looks good.

  65. I***k (verified owner)

    Cool scissors for fishing slice worm

  66. CoolThingsToBuy Shopper (verified owner)

    same As description

  67. J***a (verified owner)

    22.10 ordered 17.12 received. Delivery for almost 2 months they are small Of course, the check cut from two sides and then not to the end. That’s if they cut green like that, I’ll check it out later. With the seller did not communicate there was no need. cutting blade 4 cm. The scissors themselves are 13 cm slightly smaller than a teaspoon

  68. Y***D (verified owner)

  69. P*** (verified owner)

    брал ножнички для подрезки животины в прикормку ( для рыбалки). режут бумагу норм, по размеру самое то,на большую руку налазят спокойно. продавцу успехов!

  70. S***n (verified owner)

    Melenkey. Taking to ribalka. Three tensioner. Norms.

  71. D***v (verified owner)

    The quality is not very, there is a small Luft, but in general a good thing. You can say that even sharp. There would be a distance between parallel blades bigger-the price would not be them, and so maybe not useful at all

  72. CoolThingsToBuy Shopper (verified owner)


  73. A***c (verified owner)

  74. d***d (verified owner)

    Well matches the description, do not contact the seller

  75. A***a (verified owner)

    baigi mazãs bet būs labi

  76. k***r (verified owner)

  77. E***S (verified owner)

    I thought q heran a little bigger. But very good quality and excellent article

  78. M***v (verified owner)

    Excellent!! Took for fishing, worms crumble, cut perfectly and the size is just right! Recommend!

  79. e***t (verified owner)


  80. 8***r (verified owner)

  81. 8***r (verified owner)

  82. f***r (verified owner)


  83. CoolThingsToBuy Shopper (verified owner)

    Goods consistent with the description although scissors herbs could BYC wieksze. Goods arrived after 24 days.

  84. a***n (verified owner)

    Scissors are steep, bought for fishing, I advise everyone)

  85. S***i (verified owner)

  86. L***Z (verified owner)

    I like it very much. I was looking for it for my crafts. Beautiful product.

  87. K***o (verified owner)

    I got here fast, I took this promos scissors I first said. The scissor looks good but it’s small, I thought it was bigger size, failed to check the size. I’m going to use it to cut piñata fringes and I think I’ll be cut short. I’m assuming my part doesn’t check the size, but the picture looked big. You have to be very careful of sizes and sizes. Slds

  88. R***s (verified owner)

    Good, all right, thanks.

  89. K***l (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, Scissors version children.

  90. R***r (verified owner)

    Ordered/paid 21.01.21-received in Khabarovsk already 14.02.21-delivery DPD expected that the scissors will be bigger)))

  91. M***a (verified owner)

    very happy

  92. CoolThingsToBuy Shopper (verified owner)

    Not useful

  93. M***u (verified owner)

  94. E***r (verified owner)

    Well balanced, cut really easily

  95. m***m (verified owner)

  96. A***o (verified owner)

    Super. Very sharp. No backlash. Very tightly fitted. The only negative that is not collapsible. All on rivets. Took for grinding “meat” on fishing)). The goods are very satisfied. I recommend fishermen. The owners do not fit in the kitchen-small.

  97. U***e (verified owner)

    Спасибо продавцу! Заказал 31.01.2021 пришли 23.02.2021 в Харьков. Отличный альтернатива ножу и доске) рекомендую!

  98. o***y (verified owner)

    Всё отлично, доставка 1 месяц в Харьков.

  99. CoolThingsToBuy Shopper (verified owner)

    It’s very convenient, but it’s small, lucky my hand is small. I would recommend this seller and product to you.

  100. V***k (verified owner)

    Thank you. In Kiev came in 25 days. It’s like the description. Recommend. The seller is sociable. Scissors are less than they seem. The Greens do not cut badly, but if the navel of the green is very dense, it is very difficult to cut it.

  101. J***r (verified owner)

    In 5 weken naar Nederland. Lijkt me een handig schaartje voor mijn kruiden. Bedankt!

  102. a***r (verified owner)

  103. A***V (verified owner)

    It came very quickly and the description corresponds. I shoot the ball for the fact that the scissors are not something that is not sharpened, but the edges are not even narrowed-just the right angle fits on the greens, if you cutting and as a result, there is no time saving compared to the knife. I bought it for a sample, I tried it, I do not advise. A lot remains uncut at all.

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